Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Yogyakarta Bromo

Last summer I accompanied a Belgium couple to discover Java for their honeymoon. Nico and Esther came to Indonesia through a French tour operator KUONI. I picked them up in Yogyakarta airport than dropped them in Novotel hotel Yogyakarta. Next morning we went to Borobudur the biggest Buddhist monument in the world then continued to do a city tour in Yogyakarta (visiting Sultan palace, bird market, water castle, batik and silver factory).

We also visited Prambanan (hindus temple). After staying in Yogyakarta 2 days, we continued our journey to Surabaya the capital of East Java province also the 2nd city in Indonesia. 5 hours in the train from Yogyakarta to Surabaya was a great opportunity to witness a real Javanese life. People selling in every train station, huge rice fields along the road and then switched to teak forest and also city life in Surabaya. We escaped immediately from Surabaya to go to our hotel in Tosari. It took 3 hours drive before arriving to our hotel. Finally we arrived in our hotel at 4 pm so we had enough time for rest cos we had to wake up early tomorrow. Next early morning, at 4 am we took a jeep to go to Penanjakan (2700 m) to see the sunrise. After that we continued to Bromo (2400 m) to see the active smoking crater.

Going back to our hotel for breakfast and shower then we went down to Surabaya. We visited a zoo actually to see orang utan, komodo and also white tiger before we go to our hotel in Surabaya for the last night in Java. Next morning I accompanied them to Surabaya airport cos they’ll continue their trip to Bali.

Well, what a short time with Nico and Esther cos they’re very nice couple. We still have good contact till now and they even support me for the earthquake in my city, Yogyakarta. Last month they wrote me that they already have a baby. Theo is very cute and he looks like his mom Esther. Congratulation Nico and Esther…

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