Monday, August 28, 2006

3rd Group

Laurent et Solenne, Armelle et Isabelle, Francois, Jacques, Fabrice et Celine… are the members of my 3rd group. Maybe they’re also my last group of this summer.. I don’t have any reservation yet The tour was really good… and the members were really nice too. Before starting the trek we stopped at a huge tea plantation. Isabelle & Laurent bought a special knife for cutting the tea leaves. (n’oubliez pas de m’envoyer les photos avec les femmes du thé)

After visiting the waterfall in Tawangmangu we went to a swimming pool. Jacques, Laurent & Armelle (petite papillon avec son maillot de bain) enjoyed the cool water 15 degree C. Solenne, Isabelle, Francois, Fabrice & Celine had chicken & rabbit satay. The satay seller (Mbok Gito, 60 years old) used to served the 1st Indonesian president Mr. Sukarno. Celine & Isabelle, please send me the photos you made with her. I promised to bring it to her someday when I visit Tawangmangu again.

Finishing the tour around 5 pm and back to Yogyakarta for a dinner before arriving to hotel.On a goûté cigarette de clou de giroffe, même Celine qui n’est pas fumeuse l’a aussi fumée. C’est pas la faute de guide qui les a propose (don’t blame the guide). Je ne sais pas si Isabelle a ramené une cartouche de cigarette avant de partir.. et Armelle..tu as déjà acheté une balayette à Lombok avant de partir?

Next morning I dropped them in Tugu train station for next depart to Surabaya as previous groups. Et voila!! Les 3 groups de Volcan Légendaires / Nouvelle Frontieres..hope next summer there will be more tourists come to Indonesia.

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Fabrice said...

Salut Agus, merci de nous avoir aidés à découvrir ton pays et pour ta bonne humeur :-)