Monday, August 28, 2006

Kuoni Of This Summer

This summer finished by accompanying a French couple Jeremy & Maud from Kuoni. We did an overland tour from Yogyakarta to Surabaya. As last summer, we went to Surabaya by train then continued to Bromo. The sun rise was very beautiful. Don’t forget to send me the photo with the jeep!!

After sunrise we went down to Surabaya for the last night in Java, Novotel Surabaya. Unfortunately there was a traffic due to a problem fixing of a gaz company (PT. Lapindo Brantas). It took us 1,5 hour to escape from the traffic. Then we continued to traditional Javanese port Pasuruan to see traditional sailing boat.

Our last night in Surabaya wasn’t good for me.. to many mosquito in this big city. Next morning dropping Jeremy & Maud to Surabaya international airport for catching flight to Bali. Have a nice trip!! Bonne Continuation!!

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Jeremie said...

Maud and me have lots of pictures in our mind. You have really a beautiful country.

See you for an another adventure.